Paper CTUC Trail Maps maps are available from the Jawbone StoreCTUC Mobile Map Apps are also available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Use it to find your location and track your movement across the map.

View maps in several zoom levels and navigate to popular destinations. The maps cover 1.5 million acres of OHV recreation lands throughout California. Depicted on the map are hundreds of miles of legal, designated OHV roads and trails, as well as OHV Open Areas, wilderness areas, State Parks, military bases, and other public and private lands.


The NEW CTUC OHV Trail Map California app provides in-app access to the entire line of OHV maps from the California Trail Users Coalition.



  CTUC Maps also available on Avenza PDF Maps. 

CTUC is excited to announce that a high quality, digital versions of our OHV Trail Maps are now available on Avenza PDF Maps for iPhone and iPad!

If you have an iPhone or iPad, getting our digital OHV Trail Maps is easy. Simply download the free Avenza PDF Maps app from the Apple App Store on to your iPhone or iPad.

Then, launch PDF Maps and search the Avenza PDF Maps Store for "CTUC." Here you can purchase our digital Trail Maps for just $2.99 each (an in-app purchase). This digital CTUC Trail Map features the same front and back sides of our printed 1st edition maps. Using PDF Maps on your iPhone or cellular-enabled iPad, you can find yourself on the map and follow your location as your travel.

Also available for the Avenza PDF Maps app is a digital version of the popular 11th Edition Friends of Jawbone OHV Trail Map. Just search the Avenza PDF Maps Store for "Jawbone."



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