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OHV Candidate Questionnaire, LA 5th District Supervisor

Representing several state and local OHV user groups, Sundance Media asked candidates in the Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisor’s race two questions: 

1)What would you do to improve OHV recreation opportunities in the district?
2)What is your position on the practice of Los Angeles County spending OHV Trust Fund dollars for OHV law enforcement in the Antelope Valley when the County provides no legal OHV recreation opportunities there?

We received just two responses from the two rounds of requests we distributed to all eight candidates.  Both responses were enthusiastically in support of OHV recreation in the Antelope Valley.

Sen. Bob Huff writes that he “grew up riding OHV’s” and calls the lack of legal OHV recreation opportunities in the Antelope Valley “despicable.”  He pledges to make it a priority “to find and set aside OHV areas to ride within the 5th District,” and will “work to allocate funding for OHV Parks through any future County Park parcel fee or tax.”

Rajpal Kahlon describes himself as “a big fan of OHV,” and expresses the need to “make it safe and fun.” Mr. Kahlon pledges to “reach out to OHV and residents of Antelope Valley to ask them how we can make it safe and fun for OHV and cut down the red tape,” and to use OHV Trust Fund dollars to “bring more legal recreation opportunities.”

Randy Banis, the founding owner of Sundance Media, said, “OHV enthusiasts who reside in LA County’s 5th Districts are fortunate to have two candidates who appreciate the value of OHV recreation to the county.  I urge you to consider these responses when you cast your vote for Supervisor on Tuesday, June 7th.”

The OHV candidate questionnaire was prepared by Sundance Media on the behalf of:
American Motorcyclists Association, District 37
Antelope Valley Four Wheelers
California Four Wheel Drive Association
California Trail Users Coalition
LA County Trail Crew 4X4 Club
Off-Road Business Association

The full questionnaire and the unedited candidate responses are available for the public to view at:  www.SundanceMedia.com

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