Our public land managers are facing many challenges and they need our help. They have the awesome job of trying to allocate land and resources to meet the needs of all residents and visitors. Managers are striving to maintain user safety and protect natural resources. The whole time they must provide high-quality user experiences. This inevitably leads to conflicts. They need us to help create a Win-Win situation by seeing the big picture and considering the other person's point of view. The need to know where opportunities exist and what it takes for a recreational experience to be an exceptional one.

California Trail Users Coalition believes strongly in true multiple use and the benefits therein. As backpackers, hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, motorcyclists, A.T.V. users, off-roaders, cross country skiers, four wheel drivers, snowmobilers, etc. We are all interested in the same thing. We all want multiple opportunities to practice our own personal interests. We all share the responsibility to maintain trails for the use of current and future generations. Working together we possess much more strength and potential.

CTUC is always working to aid in the education of all trail users. We all need to remember the "rules of the road" as we travel the back-country. We help create and distribute flyers that promote ecological use of public lands, proper etiquette on the trails, trail courtesy recommendations, safe means of multiple use, treading lightly, etc. CTUC is committed to education and will do all it can make sure we are all aware of the importance of multiple use. Your support of the CTUC is crucial.

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The California Off-Road Vehicle Association Foundation is: California's Off-Road Voice for Access. We advocate on behalf of our membership to promote, protect and preserve off-road recreation and automotive access on public lands throughout California.


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